Bob Jain: The Jobs College Students Should Look Into

By Paul Martinez

College students have a number of responsibilities on their plate, among them being jobs. It's not abnormal for a student to hold down a part-time job while they pursue a degree, but some positions are better than others. Not only are they able to work well with school schedules, but they actually pay quite well for what they offer. For those who would like to learn more about the best-paying jobs for college students, here is some advice from Bob Jain.

Receptionist - One of the better jobs for college students tends to be the quietest. Receptionists are needed across a number of businesses, ranging from individual practices for doctors to large-scale firms. In any event, many receptionists are paid quite well for the work that they do, which should pique the interest of students looking for jobs. Such an opportunity matters and the likes of Bobby Jain Credit Suisse will be able to agree.

Host/Hostess - Now we enter the restaurant business, which can be quite friendly to college students. In fact, many of them become hosts and hostesses at different establishments, greeting guests and leading them to tables. There's more to this line of work, of course, but it definitely favors those who are personable by nature. This is yet another job opportunity that those in school shouldn't quickly overlook.

Bank Teller - There are part-time positions available in the finance secure, as Bobby Jain CS will tell you. As a bank teller, you must not only be able to interact with clients but carry out the transactions that they require. Not only is this another job that pays well, but it allows for advancement, granted you're able to put in the work. Being a bank teller requires responsibility, but it will pay off in the long run.

Tutor - Did you know that you might be able to make money with your own education? This is where tutoring comes into play, which is not only profitable but able to help other students with topics they're struggling with. For example, if someone has a big English exam coming up but needs help with the material, he or she might hire a tutor. You work on your own, meaning that you are able to set your own rates. Simply put, this is yet another job option worth getting involved in.

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